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Driving Harness
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What's New
1. Biothane Marathon & Combined Harness Sm. Pony Size
2. Beta Biothane Single Lines
3. Team lines in Beta Biothane
4. Biothane Chain End Trace Converters
5. Draft Dressage Bridle

Top Sellers
1. Manure (Diaper) Catcher
2. Buckle Nose Halter
3. Holdback Straps
4. Harness Pads Horse/Draft Size
5. Regular Halter


Hello All, Thank you for visiting my Website, “Drivingtidbits.com”.

Here you will find a wide variety of draft, horse and pony, riding and driving equipment. These are items that I myself use and feel very confident that other folk will enjoy using them as well.

All my tack is made right here in the USA, by Amish master craftsmen. There is great attention to detail and only the best quality thread, hardware, biothane and leather products are used.

After many years working with horses all over the world I settled in America in 1983. Born in Fiji and raised in New Zealand, I grew up with ponies and horses. In 1979 I went to Ireland and successfully completed the Irish National Stud horse breeding and management course. My adult life has been intertwined in many aspects of the horse industry; in fact, horses have been my life passion and give me my greatest joy.

After a riding accident left me unable to ride, I took up driving. At the moment I have a draft cross mare and a POA gelding, who I hope to compete in CDE ‘s. Please feel free to ask as many questions as you wish. If I can not give you an answer I know others that perhaps can.

If you don’t see what you are looking for here, please email me as I can probably get it for you from my various Amish suppliers. I intend to start my online business with something for everyone that has an equine friend, whether you ride, drive, vault, or just have a buddy in your back pasture. Here you will find quality products at very fair prices.

Please spread the word among your friends and neighbors. Word of mouth is my best form of advertising. Thank you for stopping by.

Soft Nickers
Laurel Pyatt

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